Winslow Policies


AC Nondiscrimination/Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action
AC(1) Affirmative Action
ACAA Harassment and Sexual Harassment of Students
ACAB Harassment and Sexual Harassment of School Employees
ACAD Hazing
AD Educational Philosophy/Mission
ADA School District Goals and Objectives
ADC Tobacco Use and Possession
ADC-R Tobacco Use and Possession Administrative Procedure
ADF School District Commitment to Learning Results


BB School Committee Legal Status
BBA School Committee Powers and Responsibilities
BBAA School Committee Member Authority and Responsibilities
BBBA School Committee Member Qualifications
BBBDA School Committee-Declared Vacancy Caused by Absenteeism
BBBE Unexpired Term Fulfillment/Vacancies
BCA School Committee Member Code of Ethics
BCB School Committee Member Conflict of Interest
BCC Nepotism
BDA School Committee Organizational Meeting
BDB School Committee Officers
BDD School Committee-Superintendent Relationship
BDE School Committee Standing Committees
BDF Advisory Committees to the School Committee
BE School Committee Meetings
BEC Executive Sessions
BEDA Notification of School Committee Meetings
BEDB Agenda Preparation and Dissemination
BEDC Quorum
BEDD Rules of Order
BEDF Voting Method
BEDFA Abstentions
BEDG Minutes
BEDH Public Participation at School Committee Meetings
BG School Committee Policy Development
BHC School Committee Communications with Staff
BIA New School Committee Member Orientation
BIB School Committee Member Development Opportunities


CB School Superintendent
CB-R School Superintendent Job Description
CBI Evaluation of the Superintendent
CHA Development of Administrative Procedures
CHD Administration in the Absence of Policy


DA Fiscal Management Goals/Priority Objectives
DB Annual Budget
DBI Expenditure of Funds
DJ Bidding/Purchasing Requirements
DJH Purchasing and Contracting: Procurement Staff Code of Conduct
DN School Properties Disposition


EB School Safety Program
EBCA Crisis Response Plan
EBCB Fire Drills
EBCB-E Report on Fire Drill
EBCC Bomb Threats
EBCE School Closings and Cancellations
ECB Pest Management in School Facilities and on School Grounds
EEA Student Transportation Services
EEAEA Student Transportation Employee Requirements, Training and Responsibilities
EEAEAA Drug and Alcohol Testing of School Bus Drivers
EEAEAA-R Drug and Alcohol Testing of School Bus Drivers Administrative Procedure
EEAEFA Use of Video Cameras on School Properties
EEAF Special Use of School Buses
EFC Free and Reduced Price Food Services
EFD Payment for Food Services
EFDA Restrictions on Sale of Foods
EGAD Copyright Compliance
EGAD-R Copyright Compliance Administrative Procedure


FF Naming of Facilities


GBB Staff Involvement in Decision Making
GBCB Privileged Access Policy (Technology)
GBEC Drug-Free Workplace
GBGAA Bloodborne Pathogens
GBGAA-E Accidental Blood Exposure Follow-Up/ Outcome Report
GBGAA-R Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan
GBI Staff Participation in Political Activities
GBJ Personnel Records and Files
GCBB Substitute Teachers / Nurses
GCF Professional Staff Hiring
GCFB Recruiting and Hiring of Administrative Staff
GCFB-R Recruiting and Hiring of Administrative Staff Procedures
GCI Professional Staff Development Opportunities
GCK Professional Staff Assignment and Transfers
GCOA Supervision and Evaluation of Professional Staff
GCOC Evaluation of Administrative Staff
GCQC Resignation of School Unit Employees
GCSA Employee Computer and Internet Use
GDA Support Staff Positions
GDF Support Staff Employment



ID School Day
IGA Curriculum Development and Adoption
IHAM Music Education
IHBA Individual Education Plans
IHBAA Referral and use of General Education Interventions
IHBAC Child Find
IHBAG Programming in the Least Restrictive Environment
IHBAG-R Programming in the Least Restrictive Environment Administrative Procedure
IHBAI Independent Educational Evaluations
IHBAK Life-Sustaining Emergency Care
IHBAL Grievance Procedure for Persons with Disabilities
IHBEA Program for limited English Proficient Students
IHBG Home Schooling
IHBGA Home Schooling-Participation in School Programs
IHBGB Supplemental Statement of Rights for Private School Students with Disabilities
IHBH Alternative Credit Options
IHD Adult/Community Education
IJJ Instructional and Library Materials Selection
IJJ-E Citizen's Challenge of Educational Media Form
IJNDB Technology Use and Cyber Safety
IK Academic Achievement
IKA Grading System
IKAB Report Cards/Progress Reports
IKB Homework
IKB-E Homework Guidelines
IKE Promotion, Retention and Acceleration of Students
IKF Graduation Requirements
IKFD Awarding of High School Diplomas to Veterans of World War II and the Korean Conflict
IL Evaluation of Instructional Programs
ILA Tests/Assessments
IMB Teaching About Controversial Issues
IMBB Exemption from Required Instruction
IMDA Patriotic Exercises
IMDB Flag Displays
IMG Animals in Schools
IMGA Service Animals in Schools


JE High School Attendance
JFAA Admission of Resident Students
JFAB Admission of Non-Resident Students
JFABB Admission of Foreign Exchange Students
JFABD Admission of Homeless Students
JFC Dropout Prevention/Student Withdrawal from School
JFCC Student Conduct on Buses
JGAB Assignment of Students to Classes: Transfer Students and Home Schooling Students
JI Student Rights and Responsibilities
JIC Student Use of Profanity
JICA Student Dress
JICB Care of School Property by Students
JICH Drug and Alcohol Use by Students
JICIA Weapons, Violence and School Safety
JICK Bullying
JIH Questioning and Searches of Students
JIH-R Questioning and Searches of Students Administrative Procedure
JJE Student Fundraising Activities
JJI Student Activities/Extracurricular Activities
JJIB(1) Creation of New Athletic Teams
JJI-R2 Winslow Jr. High School Activities and Athletic Code
JJIF Management of Concussion and other Head Injuries
JJJFA Disbursement of Senior Class Funds
JK Student Discipline
JKAA Use of Physical Restraint and Seclusion
JKD Suspension of Students
JKE Disciplinary Removal of Students With Disabilities
JKE-R Expulsion of Students-Guidelines
JKF Disciplinary Removal of Students with Disabilities
JKF-R Disciplinary Removal of Students with Disabilities Administrative Procedure
JL Wellness
JLCC Communicable/Infectious Diseases
JLCCA Students with HIV/AIDS
JLCD Administering Medication to Students
JLCDA Medical Marijuana in Schools
JLCE First Aid and Emergency Medical Care
JLD Guidance and Counseling
JLDBG Reintegration of Students from Juvenile Correctional Facilities
JLF Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect
JLF-E Suspected Child Abuse/Neglect Report Form
JLG Admission of Homeless Students
JO Employment of Students
JRA Student Educational Records
JRA-R Student Educational Records Administrative Procedure
JRA-E Notification of Rights Under FERPA


KBF Title I-Parent Involvement
KCD Public Gifts/Donations to the Schools
KDA Public Information Program
KDB Public's Right to Know/Freedom of Access
KE Public Concerns and Complaints
KF Community Use of School Facilities
KFA Public Use of School Equipment
KHB Advertising in the Schools
KLGA School Resource Officer


LEA Student Teachers


AOS State Approved GT Academic Plan
LAU Plan